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Brief introduction to the method of Bearing cage noise

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Bearing cage, also known as bearing retainer, is one of the main parts of bearing. Its function is to wrap and isolate the rolling element and move with it, and it usually has the function of guiding the rolling element. But in the process of bearing rotation, the cage's free vibration and its impact with the rolling element or ring will produce this noise. It may appear in all kinds of bearings, but its sound pressure level is not too high and its frequency is low. Today, I'd like to talk about the noise phenomenon of bearing cage and the solutions.

Methods to Bearing cage noise:

1. In order to make the cage revolution stable, we should try our best to use the ring guide way and pay attention to give the guide surface sufficient lubrication. We should improve the structure of tapered roller bearing under high speed conditions, and change the L-shaped cage guided by roller into Z-shaped cage guided by ring rib.

2. When the bearing rotates at high speed, the cage vibration amplitude of the bearing with large pocket clearance is much larger than that of the bearing with small pocket clearance, so the value of pocket clearance is particularly important.

3. Pay attention to reduce the radial clearance as much as possible.

4. It is beneficial to reduce the noise caused by the collision or friction between the rolling element and the cage by improving the manufacturing accuracy of the cage and improving the surface quality of the cage.

5. Actively adopt advanced cleaning technology to effectively and thoroughly clean spare parts and products after assembly, so as to improve the cleanliness of bearings.


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