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Installation Of Slewing Bearing

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1. Before installing the slewing bearing, check the mating surface. The parts supporting the rotary bearing should have enough stiffness, and the mating surface should be machined to meet the flatness and inclination required by relevant standards.

2. Each set of turntable bearings will be marked with quenched soft belt "S", and the soft belt should be placed in non-load area during installation. When installing, the bearing should be located in radial direction first, and then the mounting bolts should be cross-tightened, and the rotary bearing of the rotary plate should be checked. In order to ensure the smooth rotation of the turntable bearing, the gear should be checked before the installation bolt is completely tightened, and the prestress of the tightened bolt should be 70% of the yield limit of the bolt material.

3. The slewing bearing has been greased before leaving the factory. Under normal circumstances, after installing the bearing and putting it into operation for 100h, it should be checked and added grease once. For turntable bearings in high temperature environment when working, the period of lubricating grease should be appropriately shortened. When the bearing is stored for a long time or the machine stops running for a long time, grease should also be added.


To fix the slewing bearing, cross tighten the bolts as shown above


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