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Why heat up when using slewing ring

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Slewing bearing is a kind of accessory that is used more now. In the process of daily use, it will show heat to some extent. If this situation cannot be dealt with in time, it will be relatively large damage to the bearing. I will introduce you today It is about what conditions will cause the slewing ring to show heat, and how to deal with it correctly.

Perhaps reason one: the shaft dimension of the slewing ring is too large, so the bearing will be tight.

Solution: Provide proper tolerance for the shaft and prohibit excessive tightening.

Perhaps the second reason: the aluminum three-layer ring seal has friction and causes heat.

Treatment method: When the device sealing hole and ring should be coated with smooth grease to reduce friction resistance.

Perhaps the third reason: the slewing bearing seat is coated with too much grease or the oil level is too high .

Treatment method: The slewing bearing will clear the excess grease through the sealing hole, and the oil will be smooth to reduce the oil level just below the bearing box.

Perhaps the fourth reason: the slippery grease or the improper type of slippery oil causes the slippery agent to malfunction.

Treatment method: re-select the appropriate type of lubricating oil.

Perhaps reason five: low oil level, lack of smooth grease.

Treatment method: The oil level on the outside of the shaft diameter should be just lower than the cage, and appropriate lubricating grease should be added.

Probably reason six: friction and heating between the inner ring and the sealing ring.

Solution: Stop the machine and check the clamping ring screws to ensure that the inner ring is firmly attached to the shaft, the free end bearing device is correct, and the rollers are aligned with the center line of the outer ring.

After the slewing bearing is installed, it should be filled with an appropriate amount of grease, and the slewing bearing should be filled while filling to make the grease evenly distributed. The slewing bearing will inevitably lose part of the grease after working for a period of time. Therefore, the slewing bearing in normal operation should be replenished after every 50 to 100 hours. Regarding slewing bearings that work in high-temperature environments or dusty conditions, the cycle of adding lubricating grease should be appropriately shorter. When the machine is to be shut down for storage, it must also be filled with sufficient grease.

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