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Analysis of Accuracy Class of Slewing Bearings

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Analysis of Accuracy Class of Slewing Bearings

The slewing bearing is a standard part of hoisting machinery, and its gear accuracy grade should be between 7-11, which determines the stability of the slewing bearing (slewing bearing) transmission, the uniformity of the load distribution and the accuracy of the transmission. Therefore, the gear accuracy grade directly determines the quality and grade positioning of the slewing bearing.

1. The gear accuracy of the slewing bearing is mainly to control the accuracy of the transmission between the gears during operation;

2. If the above design requirements are relatively high, the precision of the slewing bearing gear should be set a little higher, otherwise it can be set at the bottom;

3. The precision of the slewing bearing gear (turntable bearing) is set too high, which will increase the processing cost and require comprehensive balance;

4. For the commonly used gears, the precision can be set as: 7FL, or 7-6-6GM precision;

5. There is no calculation formula for the accuracy of the slewing bearing gear, because it does not need to be calculated, it is obtained from the manual;

6. The determination of the accuracy level of the slewing bearing is the result of the engineer's comprehensive analysis. If the transmission requires precision, or high load, alternating load, etc., the accuracy level should be set higher;

7. slewing bearing accuracy grades are 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, the smaller the value, the higher the accuracy;

8. The deviation level of the slewing bearing (tooth thickness) of the (turntable bearing) is also the level given by the designer based on the specific working conditions. The precision transmission is higher, the general mechanical transmission is lower, the closed transmission is higher, and the open transmission is lower. a little;

9. (slewing bearing) slewing bearing (tooth thickness) deviation grades are C, D, E, F, G, H, J, K, L, M, N, P, R, S grades, C grades have the largest clearance, S grades Minimum stage clearance;

10. Whether it is the slewing bearing accuracy grade or the deviation grade, the higher the setting, the higher the processing cost. It is necessary to comprehensively analyze and then give an appropriate accuracy grade and deviation grade.

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