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Slewing Bearings  are mainly used in the Excavators, Mobile Cranes, Tower Cranes, and also widely used in the Construction Machinery, Light Industry Machinery, Environmental Protection Machinery, Petrochemical Machinery, Engineering Vehicles, Ship Port Machinery 、Solar tracking system and samll wind turbines etc .
Stacker Reclaimer
The stacker-reclaimer is a continuous and efficient bulk material handling machine. It is widely used in the raw material yards of power plants, ports, steel mills, chemical plants, cement plants and other basic industries. It is suitable for strip or round storage yards. Continuous operation of stacking and taking of bulk raw materials such as coal, iron ore, limestone, etc.
Crawler Crane
Crawler crane is the abbreviation of crawler crane. It is a crane that gets off the ground and is a crawler walking mechanism. It has a large lifting weight and can be lifted and walked. Has strong lifting capacity .Internal gear / big size slewing bearing is a commonly used for Crawler crane .
Wind Power
A wind turbine is an electrical device that converts wind energy into mechanical work, which drives the rotor to rotate and eventually output alternating current.Requires high slewing bearing life, mostly internal gear, also have external gear, according to customer required .
Packaging Machine
The packaging and bottling industry is synonymous with the relationship between high productivity and ultra-high technological processes. We can customize the production of slewing bearings for customers .
Forestry Machinery
Forestry machinery is machinery used for afforestation (including afforestation, afforestation and forest protection), wood cutting and forestry lifting and transportation .The temperature range of our slewing bearings is -30 ℃ -70 ℃ .
Water Treatment
With the development of Storage & Logistics Industry, Brother Union developed a complete roll forming solution for Shelves &Racks..
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