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Slewing bearing selection

 Slewing Bearing Numbering Methods JB/T2300- 2011 standard
Xuzhou Helin Slewing bearings are designated by a part reference including numbers and letters,according to the folllowing codes


Calculation method for selection of slewing bearing (turntable bearing)
Calculation method of static reference loads Fa’ and M’ 
Single-row four-point contact ball
Single-row four-point contact ball type slewing bearing selection calculation is carried out according to two cases of bearing angle 45° and 60°.
I, a=45° Ⅱ, a=60°
Fa’=(1.225•Fa+2.676•Fr)•fs Fa’=(Fa+5.046•Fr)•fs
M’=1.225•M•fs M’=M•fS
Then find the above two points on the graph, one of them can be below the curve.
Single row cross roller
Double row reducer ball type
For the selection calculation of double-row reducer slewing bearing, when Fr≤10%Fa, Fr is ignored. When Fr>10%Fa, the change of the pressure angle in the raceway must be considered. For its calculation, please contact us.
Three-row roller type
When selecting a three-row roller slewing bearing, only the effects of axial raceway load and overturning moment are calculated.
The National Development and Reform Commission issued a new standard for slewing bearingson February 1, 2008.
1. Replace JG/T 68-1999 "Three-row column slewing bearing for construction machinery" by JB/T 10837-2008 "Three-row column slewing bearing for construction machinery and equipment";
2. By JB/T 10838-2008 "Single-row cross roller (cone) slewing bearing for construction machinery and equipment" replaces JG/T 67-1999 "Single-row cross roller (cone) slewing bearing for construction machinery", the new standard cancels the original Appendix 1 "Supplement Series Specifications;
3. JB/T 10839-2008 "Single Volley Slewing Bearings for Construction Machinery and Equipment" replaces JG/T 66-1999 "Single Volley Slewing Bearings for Construction Machinery", the new standard adds overlapping section configuration, Some unused specifications were canceled, and some new specifications were added to 48; the original Appendix A "Supplemental Series Specifications" was cancelled; the performance curve was drawn according to d0≤40, 57HRC, d0≥50, 55HRC.
All three new standards have abolished product quality grading and will be implemented as of July 1, 2008.
For detailed information or custom part numbers, please contact us directly.

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