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Slewing bearing
Slewing bearing is not standardized, we can produce according to customer requirements, to produce according to order to match customer's use.  In order to meet the increasing demand for short delivery times recently, our factory has stocks of standard models of raw materials with short delivery times and standard models. To meet the requirements of many short delivery times recently.
 We will select the best slewing bearing, if you tell us your requirements.
 We will design and manufacture the slewing bearing according to special use or request.
 We will manufacture the substitute slewing bearing which you use now.
 We will make to order just one for the model. And we will provide it in the shortest delivery time.
 We can repair or overhaul your slewing bearing made by another company.
Production range
Diameter 100 mm  5000 mm with standard and non-standard model
Form Single row ball type/ Single row crosserd roller type / Double row ball type / Three row roller type / Light type / Flange type  
Gear Type Internal GearExternal GearWithout Gear
Special Type With Sprocket, Worm wheel, V-belt pulley, With Dust-proof Seal,
Heat-resisting, Special thrust bearing, Plating for clean room
Pinion, Frame, Plate, Spacer, etc. Manufacture of Accessory
Precision e.g.) Surface Deviation from 20μ, Clearance 0 from Negative Clearance
Lead time  15 days with raw material in stock . 
35 days non-standard models .
Please confirm before ordering.
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We are Xuzhou Helin Slewing Bearing Co.,Ltd Slewing bearing factory in Xuzhou city . Our slewing bearing size from 100 mm - 5000 mm with standard and non- standard models . Good product quality, short delivery time, suitable price, high cost performance . welcome to contact us . 
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