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How To Choose The Type Of Slewing Bearing?

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There are many different types of slewing bearings, such as four-point contact ball slewing bearings, cross roller slewing bearings, double row ball rotary bearings, double row cylindrical roller slewing bearings, three row roller slewing bearings, wire raceway slewing bearings, etc.

Each type has different characteristics based on its design and construction, making it suitable for specific applications.

For example, the single-row four-point contact ball slewing bearing is simple in structure, but can withstand heavy radial load, and can withstand certain axial and overturning load at the same time, so this kind of slewing bearing is very cost-effective. However, when the mechanism has high requirements on bearing precision and rigidity, or the bearing needs to operate under zero clearance or negative clearance, the cross cylindrical roller slewing support will be the correct choice.

When selecting the slewing bearing type, the following factors should be considered:

1.Precision:Cross roller slewing bearings are usually used when accurate positioning is the key operating parameter.

2.Load:The size of the load is one of the factors that determine the bearing size. Generally, four-point contact ball slewing bearings can withstand heavy loads and impact loads. They are suitable for applications where loads vary in size and direction.

3.Allowable operating temperature:In most cases, the allowable operating temperature of the slewing ring depends primarily on the gasket and sealing material used for lubrication. Operating temperature range is -25 to + 70°C. If the sleuth bearing is required to operate outside the reference temperature, please contact the engineer of Luoyang Bairun Bearing.

4.The vibration:For applications involving vibration, pre-loaded four-point contact ball slewing supports and cross cylindrical roller slewing supports are suitable.

5.Running speed:The friction of four-point contact ball slewing bearing is less than that of cross cylindrical roller slewing bearing. Four-point contact ball slewing bearings also have higher speed.

6.The seal:Sealing is essential to the performance of slewing bearings. Qualified seals used in slewing bearings provide good protection against moisture and pollution and grease. If bearings operate under extreme conditions, such as exposure to water, vacuum, corrosive contaminants or radiation, please contact us.


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