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export small size slewing bearing

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The four-point contact ball slewing bearing has a high static load capacity and can provide smooth rotation. The toothless four-point contact ball slewing bearing has the advantages of high transmission efficiency, reliable work, and simple and compact structure. There are raceways in the inner and outer rings, and the inner and outer rings are connected by steel balls. The inner and outer rings are equipped with mounting holes, which can be fixed on the corresponding tooling with bolts, and the inner ring can be rotated, or the outer ring can be rotated as needed, or the inner and outer rings can be rotated at the same time. Slewing bearings generally use 50Mn or 42CrMo as raw materials. The nature and quality of the raw materials have a great impact on the performance and service life of the slewing bearing. 

Xuzhou Helin slewing bearings only use materials from qualified suppliers. We will conduct strict inspections on forgings, including ultrasonic inspection, hardness inspection and metallographic inspection. 50Mn is a high-quality carbon structural steel. It has high strength, elasticity and hardness, and is often used after quenching and tempering. 50Mn has poor welding performance, and has a tendency to overheat sensitivity and temper brittleness. 50Mn is usually used to manufacture parts with higher requirements for wear resistance and load capacity, such as gears and gear shafts. 42CrMo material is an alloy steel, very suitable for forging processing. It has high strength, high hardenability and good toughness. The deformation of 42CrMo during quenching is very small, and it has high creep strength and durability under high temperature. Compared with 50Mn, 42CrMo has better fatigue strength, but the cost is higher.

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