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excavator slewing bearing KH 180-3

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Product name Slewing bearing/swing bearing for KH180-3 Crawler crane .

Category Construction Machinery Parts

Keyword slewing bearing , swing bearing , crawler crane swing bearing , kh180-3 swing bearing

Brand name Xuzhou Helin


Xuzhou Helin are ISO 9001 certificated factory and offer high-quality, customized slewing bearing, drives and gears for your manufacturing project.

We continue to work hard to improve product quality. A huge number of satisfied customers are witnesses of this achievement. We will continue to strive hard and focus on continuous research and development of our products from making them one of the best in the market today. Xuzhou Helin Slew bearings and slew drives will continue to grow in the domestic as well as Global markets. They will not only be limited to new but also cater to the spare markets.

· Best Quality Standards

· 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

· Quality Control System

· Commitment to Customers

· Highly Professional Team

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We are Xuzhou Helin Slewing Bearing Co.,Ltd Slewing bearing factory in Xuzhou city . Our slewing bearing size from 100 mm - 5000 mm with standard and non- standard models . Good product quality, short delivery time, suitable price, high cost performance . welcome to contact us . 
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