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large size slewing bearing package and delivery

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Due to the non-fixed outer diameter dimensions, the structural shapes of slewing rings from Ø200 to Ø5000 mm should be handled with special care when transporting. For transportation, loading and unloading, the large-sized slewing bearing is provided with special drilling holes for clamping bolts, and the slewing ring is fixed for transportation.


When transported and stored, the slewing bearing should be placed in a horizontal position and on a level surface. Prevent slewing bearing vibrations and shocks, especially in the radial direction. For long-term storage, it should be placed in a dry, dust-free storage environment with a temperature from -20°C to +50°. The relative humidity of the air should not exceed 65%. All slewing rings are protected against corrosion for approximately 12 months.


Fill the track of the slewing ring with high-quality grease. Lubrication of the tooth meshing of the gear-tooth system.

Lubrication operations should be filled at least after every 100 operating hours. If the slewing ring is subjected to high humidity, significant temperature changes and high revolutions, the lubrication process should be more frequent! While lubricating the slewing bearing, it must be rotated to make it more fully lubricated.

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