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Manufacturer of slewing drive, slewing ring and rotary table bearing

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The rotary table bearing manufacturer will show you the application fields of rotary drive.

Rotary drive can be applied to the main engine with circular motion, such as crane rotary table, rotating machinery, and other machines with circular work. Once put into operation, the product can be widely used in the field of construction machinery represented by aerial vehicles and truck cranes, new energy represented by solar photovoltaic power generation and wind power generation, as well as other fields such as automation, machine tool manufacturing and aerospace communication. It can be said that the market potential of the product is huge.

1. Beam carrier field

The traditional slewing ring products are mostly used as the core components of the slewing assembly of the traditional beam carrier. Because the slewing ring does not have an outer shell, the corrosion resistance is not very ideal. For the steering system that relies on the hydraulic cylinder to drive the tire, the rotation angle range of the tire is also greatly limited.

2. Aerial vehicle field

Aerial work vehicle is an important application field of rotary drive. Generally, aerial work vehicle requires the main engine to have a high safety factor. The high safety of rotary drive (self-locking of worm gear) is an important factor for users to choose it as an accessory of aerial work platform; On the other hand, the worm gear transmission has a large transmission speed ratio, which can not only improve the safety factor of the host, but also omit a group of worm gear reducers for the host, so as to reduce the manufacturing cost of the host.

3. Photovoltaic power generation field

Photovoltaic power generation is an important application field of rotary drive. The solar photovoltaic module using rotary drive as rotating component can accurately adjust the rotation angle and elevation of the host according to the different positions of the sun in a day. The moment is when the solar panel is at a good receiving angle.

4. Wind power field

Similar to the photovoltaic discovery, the rotary drive can be applied to the yaw part of the wind turbine generator to realize the horizontal 360 ° rotation of the mechanism, so as to better adjust the receiving angle.

5. Construction machinery gripper field

Construction machinery auxiliary device is a new application field of rotary drive!

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