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[double ball bearing]Causes of bearing retainer damage

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It is not easy to judge the damage of the retainer in the double volleyball turntable bearing, and the failure problem is not obvious in use. Today, I will talk about the reasons for the damage of double volleyball turntable bearing retainer, and make a comprehensive analysis.

The reasons for the damage of the double volleyball turntable bearing retainer are as follows:

1. Vibration

When the bearing is in vibration condition, the force inside the bearing may cause fatigue crack of the retainer. Gradually, this crack will break the retainer. To prevent this, bearings with special retainers can be used.

2. The speed exceeds the design requirements

If the bearing is running at a speed higher than that of the retaining material, the inertia force will cause the retainer to break. There are high speed bearings [crossed roller bearings] specially made for this kind of occasion.

3. Wear and tear

Improper lubrication or hard foreign matter can wear the bearing retainer. When rolling bearing is running, sliding friction should be avoided. But the sliding contact between the roller and the retainer is usually unable to eliminate, so if the lubrication is poor, the retainer is the first wear parts. And the retainer is made of soft material, so the wear is quite fast. Gradually, the gap of the retainer will cause the retainer to break quickly. The same happens when hard particles penetrate the bearing.

4. Foreign body stuck

There may be no debris or particles in the parts between the retainer and the roller. Prevent rolling element from rolling. This can also cause the retainer to break. As long as it can prevent large foreign matters from invading the bearing, the retainer can be safe even in heavy load situations.

The above is the reason for the damage of the double volleyball turntable bearing retainer. If the above-mentioned situation occurs in the use of the bearing, a comprehensive analysis can be carried out according to the fault to find out the problem and solve the bearing problem.


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