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What should we pay attention to when the slewing ring is overloaded?

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When the slewing ring is used under overload, it may be stuck and unable to rotate. In this time, the vehicle body can be tilted by reducing the amplitude, adjusting the outrigger or moving the chassis position, so as to help realize the slewing movement of heavy objects and complete the predetermined lifting operations.

If the slewing ring is damaged, repair it to avoid further damage. When selecting the slewing ring, it should be selected according to the working type of the slewing ring. Slewing ring is a special bearing, which can bear the comprehensive loads such as axial load, radial load and overturning moment at the same time. Therefore, when selecting slewing ring, it is also necessary to consider the maximum bearing capacity of each load.

During actual use, try not to exceed the maximum load to avoid damage to the slewing ring. Therefore, in the purchase of slewing ring, the maximum load should be calculated and the appropriate slewing ring should be selected in order to greatly improve its service life.

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