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What materials are commonly used for rotary table bearings

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Rotary table bearings are used in many fields such as engineering machinery, ships, wind power and so on. What are the commonly used materials of rotary table bearings?

Usually, 50Mn is selected for the rotary table bearing housing, but sometimes 42CrMo is selected to meet the host requirements of special applications. The rolling body usually uses GCr15SiMn. The styles of the gripper are different structural styles, such as all, segments, separation blocks, etc. Integral or segmented retainers are made of 20# steel or ZL102 cast aluminum alloy. The separating block holder uses Polyamide 1010 resin, ZL102 cast aluminum alloy or qa110-3-1.5 aluminum bronze. Sealing ring material: oil resistant rubber, fluororubber, oil resistant Zhengqing rubber.

The structure of rotary table bearing usually adopts a variety of structural forms, including single row, double row 4-point contact ball rotary table bearing, double row angular contact thrust ball rotary table bearing, cross cylindrical roller and cross tapered roller rotary table bearing, three row cylindrical roller rotary table bearing, ball column hybrid rotary table bearing, etc. According to the distribution of teeth and gears, these bearings are divided into toothless, outer teeth, inner teeth and other structures.

1. Ring and rolling element materials

Generally speaking, the bearing roller of rotary table is made of hard carbon chromium bearing steel as a whole. Grade GCr15 or GCr15SiMn steel; The rotary table bearing cover is made of case hardened steel. If the user has no special requirements, it is usually made of 50Mn steel, but sometimes other brands of case hardened steel can be selected to meet the host requirements of some special applications (such as 42CrMo, 5CrMnMo, etc.).

2. Cage material

The cage of rotary table bearing has the structure of integral, section, separation block, etc. The integral and sectional cages are made of 20 steel or ZL102 cast aluminum alloy. The separation type is made of Polyamide 1010 resin and ZL102 cast aluminum alloy.

3. Sealing ring material

The rotary table bearing seal is made of oil resistant rubber material or regular green rubber material.

The codes of cover material and blank supply status are shown in the table below. Table "t" indicates that the annular blank is the supply in the adjustment state, and "Z" indicates that the annular blank is the supply in the positive state.

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