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What is the difference between single volleyball slewing ring at home and abroad?

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Single volleyball slewing ring is very popular in China and abroad, especially in Germany, France, the United States and Britain. China's single volleyball slewing ring came out in the early 20th century. In the early 1980s, German technology was adopted and combined with domestic technology to form the latest single volleyball slewing ring bearing technology. However, compared with foreign countries, there is still a big gap in product quality and level. The following is the comparison of single volleyball slewing ring from four aspects at home and abroad.

What is the difference between single volleyball slewing ring at home and abroad?

1. Design technology

Foreign countries only need to input data such as working conditions, installation size requirements, speed and other data in the computer. The CAD program automatically completes the product structure design and load capacity calculation, outputs various graphics and curves at the same time, and uses finite element analysis and single volleyball slewing ring for load simulation analysis. New products of foreign companies emerge one after another, at least more than a dozen, but there are less than ten in China. Therefore, there are many special requirements every year. The single volleyball slewing ring needs to be imported from abroad.

2. Process technology

Foreign manufacturers of single volleyball slewing ring have widely used CNC machine tools for processing. Its advantage is that it greatly simplifies the process, reduces the clamping frequency of workpieces, avoids processing and measurement errors, greatly shortens the production cycle, ensures internal and external assembly, and improves the qualified rate of product quality. Due to the use of CNC machine tools, it provides conditions for non drawing operation on site. Computer systems can be networked from product contracts to product design (CAD), process design (CAPP) and field design of CNC machines. The whole operation process is very efficient. Another foreign manufacturer has many unique functions in heat treatment, rolling and other processes.

3. Test technology

The design of single volleyball slewing ring is inspired by a large number of long-term experiments and practices, so the experimental equipment and methods have attracted extensive attention. In this regard, there is a lack of in-depth research and implementation, and the equipment for life test, temperature test, bolt strength test and gear strength test should be gradually improved.

4. Quality control

There is still a big gap between domestic production plants and the international level. There are almost no full-time inspectors in foreign production workshops, but all kinds of inspection data are accurate and reliable and transmitted in time. We do not have many advanced testing equipment, such as nondestructive testing and coordinate measurement, so the domestic quality control level is low.

Single row slewing ring is usually called the connecting part of machine tool. This is an essential transmission link for the machine. The macro of single row slewing ring is called support. Support parts are usually used as basic tools of CNC machine tools, including rocker arm and turret. And beds, beams and elevators.

One of the supports is called an auxiliary support. Of course, the auxiliary support plays a role in limiting the degree of freedom in the process of increasing the stiffness of the workpiece. In fact, these two meanings play the same role: to achieve and improve the machining accuracy and efficiency through machining. Corresponding to the different installation methods of single volleyball slewing ring bearing, when constraints are applied, the inner ring can be constrained completely or completely. The constraint is applied to the outer surface of the outer ring.

The Mises stress of elliptical raceway is less than that of circular raceway, that is, the bearing capacity of single volleyball slewing ring is better than that of single volleyball slewing ring. Single row slewing ring. These components are relatively large in size, so they are also called large single volleyball slewing bearings, which can bear the combined load of large bearings. The latter can withstand greater axial load, radial load and tilt turning moment. In order to ensure the normal and stable operation of the equipment, the large bearing is a closed structure, so the real function of the bearing can be seen only when the top of the heavy structure is lifted to a certain height.

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