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Slewing bearing wear is too fast, mostly due to the following reasons

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Slewing bearings (slewing bearings) are mostly used in some large mechanical equipment because they have to bear heavy load. Therefore, they will inevitably suffer certain friction and loss in the process of use. However, what's the matter with the rapid loss of slewing bearings?

Excessive wear of slewing ring (slewing bearing) may be caused by the following reasons:

【1】 The selected turntable bearing is not suitable, does not match the equipment, and the model is not suitable. Therefore, when working, it will inevitably affect the speed, flexibility, and increase friction, resulting in damage. In this case, it is necessary to replace the suitable rotary bearing in time.

【2】 The design and material of the turntable bearing lead to the fast consumption of the turntable bearing. It is necessary to adjust the design and material of the turntable bearing in time, and communicate with the manufacturer in order to improve the phenomenon of excessive consumption.

【3】 The normal consumption of turntable bearing, turntable bearing without any defects, there will be consumption problems. This is inevitable, only in strict accordance with the correct method of use, try to reduce the loss.


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