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Several anti-rust methods for slewing bearings

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Several anti-rust methods for slewing bearings

The slewing bearing is an important part of many mechanical equipment. It is a kind of metal product. If it is not used for a long time, or if it is improperly maintained, it is easy to rust, which will reduce its performance and even be scrapped. Therefore, in daily use, the anti-rust work of the slewing bearing is very necessary. So, how to prevent the slewing ring from rusting?

1. Soaking method: soak the slewing bearing in anti-rust grease, and a thick layer of anti-rust grease can be adhered to its surface. The thickness of the oil film can be achieved by controlling the temperature or viscosity of the anti-rust grease. It can effectively isolate the contact with air and achieve the effect of rust prevention.

  2. Brushing method: This method is suitable for slewing bearings or special-shaped bearings that are not suitable for immersion or spraying. When brushing, it is necessary to pay attention not to produce anti-rust oil accumulation, and of course to prevent leakage.

  3, spray method: some large slewing bearings can not be oiled by immersion method, generally use about 0.7Mpa pressure filtered compressed air to spray in clean air. The spray method is suitable for solvent-diluted anti-rust oil or thin-layer anti-rust oil, but complete fire protection and labor protection measures must be adopted. This method is mostly used for rust prevention of some large slewing bearings.

   In addition, the cleaning of the slewing ring is also very important. Keeping its surface clean is also the key to prolonging the service life of the slewing ring.

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