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Replacement standard of slewing ring sealing strip

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Replacement standard of slewing ring sealing strip:

1. Clean the installation groove of sealing strip to remove oil stain;

2. Prepare the purchased sealing strip with qualified quality according to the length required by the original factory, and prepare a 502 adhesive;

3. The same as the flat blade screw driver, slightly stretch the sealing strip expanded to the appropriate length and install it in the groove;

4. The joint shall be cut into oblique opening, bonded with 502, and placed in the groove after solidification

Please note that the leakage of grease is not caused by the failure of the sealing strip [the sealing strip only plays the role of dust entering the outside and can not prevent the outflow of grease - the sealing strip is one-way sealing, and the sealing force is not large], but by the following reasons:

1. Excessive lubrication of slewing ring;

2. The lubricating grease deteriorates when the machine enters deep water;

3. The sealing failure of hydraulic system components caused the hydraulic oil to enter the oil groove of slewing bearing and overflow;

4. Excessive wear of slewing ring.


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