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Reasons why elastic washer can not be used for slewing ring

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The slewing ring cannot prevent wear. Some customers want to reduce costs, they want to install elastic washers on the slewing ring to reduce this kind of wear. In fact, it is a very serious misconception! Although the wear of the slewing ring can not be prevented, people can repair the wear very well to increase its service life. Next, we will discuss the reason why the elastic washer can not be used for the slewing ring.

1. Firstly, when the slewing ring is connected with bolts and nuts, it is specified that the bolts are high toughness bolts (grade 10.9). The key of high-strength bolt connection is to resist the external force by the strong friction resistance between the connected parts, so the high-strength bolts do not need elastic pads.

2. Secondly, the total contact area of the elastic pad is not as large as that of the flat pad. There is no flat pad in places with large preload. The large preload of the bolt (such as the preload of grade 8.8 and left and right bolts) will lead to the plastic deformation of the spring washer adjacent to the support point. In subsequent applications, the preload will be "relaxed" with the expansion of deformation. For rotating machinery and equipment, the vibration and collapse torque during operation will be relatively large. If the spring washer is added to open the mouth, it will aggravate the crack of vibration and cause the deformation of slewing ring.

3. In addition, a suitable flat pad can increase the total area of the support point, and can avoid extrusion plastic deformation caused by steel parts that are not hard enough to pre tighten the bolts to a certain extent, which is beneficial to maintaining the credibility of pre tightening.

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