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Purpose of slewing ring

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Slewing ring is a large bearing with special structure integrating many functions such as rotation, transmission and fixation. Generally, the slewing bearing itself is equipped with device holes, lubricating oil and sealing equipment, which can meet the different needs of various hosts operating under different working conditions. So what are the uses of slewing ring?

1. Trailer: this type of slewing ring is used in a variety of occasions, among which the important ones are used in transportation, professional, agricultural trailer, irrigation system and airport luggage rack. In vehicle applications, the axial load, radial load and torque of the bearing are transmitted. In other applications, they mostly transfer axial load.

2. Wind power: the slewing ring of wind turbine generator usually includes yaw bearing, pitch bearing and transmission system bearing (main shaft and gearbox bearing). The yaw bearing and pitch bearing are supplied to customers. The yaw bearing device is at the connection part between the tower and the cabin, and the pitch bearing device is at the connection part between the root of each blade and the hub. One set of yaw bearings and three sets of pitch bearings are used for each wind turbine.

3. Solar energy: rotating solar panels are a good solution to add energy. Because the bearing has a very compact design, it can supply solar electric field in Europe.

4. Robot: industrial robot and other equipment. The rotary table reverse bearing is installed at the joint of the robot, and this structure can realize incredibly high close rotation movement.


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