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Machining deformation of slewing ring

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Many users do not know some knowledge about the processing of slewing ring (rotary table bearing). The following small editor of rotary table bearing manufacturer will introduce the causes of processing deformation:

1、 Shrinkage of circle

After the heat treatment of the tooth surface and raceway surface, the quenched and tempered steel of the slewing ring body will change to a certain extent. The formation of tempered martensite will greatly affect the workpiece by the organizational stress. The ring body of the slewing ring will shrink to a certain extent by force, and the machining of the slewing ring body is not good, which will cause obvious changes between the size of the part and the size of the blank.

2、 Roundness change of circle

Due to the way of local induction heat treatment, the cooling of the ring body is in an unbalanced state, which will cause the workpiece to be affected not only by tissue stress, but also by thermal stress.

The knowledge explanation on the causes of machining deformation of slewing ring is the above content. I believe you must be more interested in it.

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