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How to remove rust quickly for slewing ring

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If the slewing support is washed by rain during use, or if it is not used properly in daily life, the slewing support will rust. The rusted slewing support will not only affect the beauty of accessories, but also have a certain impact on the normal use of slewing support. Therefore, derusting of slewing support is necessary. The following methods can be used:

   I. soak the rotary support in the antirust tank: immerse the rotary support in the aqueous solution of 5% sodium nitrite and 0.6% sodium carbonate, which is also very effective for the antirust effect of the rotary support. The disadvantage is that the method of soaking in the antirust tank requires a lot of antirust tanks and other equipment to assist in the operation, which will occupy a lot of space, And governance and management will be more inconvenient.

   2. Coating the rotary support with antirust oil is to coat the surface of the rotary support with antirust oil. After using this method, the rotary support needs to be cleaned, which is relatively troublesome.

   3. through the spray type antirust process, wash with sodium nitrite aqueous solution every day, suck the aqueous solution out of the water tank by the water pump, connect it to the shower head through the rubber pipe, and wash the ferrule like spray. This method is very significant in rust prevention, and the rust prevention industry is relatively simple. It is a very ideal rust prevention method.

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