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How to improve the service life of rotary bearing

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Turntable bearing is widely used in this kind of large bearing. How to improve the service life of turntable bearing? There are many customers have asked this problem, today's rotary bearing manufacturers to give you a simple detailed introduction! Learn from each other!

How to improve the service life of turntable bearing:

1. Allowable speed ratio: in the natural environment with proper installation and excellent lubrication, it is allowed to be 0.3-0.5 times of the limited speed ratio of rotary bearing. In general, 0.2 times of the limit speed ratio is the most appropriate.

2. Application position: the deep groove ball bearing is suitable for bearing the axial and radial collaborative load dominated by the axial load. Generally, it is matched with two rolling bearings. The key point should be the front and rear left and right wheel rims, positive bevel gear, transfer case, reducer and other transmission system positions of the car.

3. Allowable elevation: deep groove ball bearings usually do not allow shaft relativity, casing hole skew, if there is skew, larger not more than 2 '.

4. Allowable temperature: under the standard of bearing all normal loads, with heat resistance and sufficient lubrication, rolling bearings are generally allowed to work at - 30 ℃ - 150 ℃.

According to the detailed introduction of the rotary bearing manufacturer, how much is the service life of the rotary bearing? In other words, in the application of turntable bearing must also be maintenance and maintenance, that will also be more reasonable to improve efficiency, hurry up!


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