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How to gearing up your slewing ring bearing?

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Slewing ring bearing can be used in a variety of mounting fixed forms.In order to meet some special application environment, the installation method may change.Some important details of the actual design of slewing ring bearing, such as the thickness of the mounting plate, the location and number of reinforcing members, and the bolt length, should be determined by the equipment designer. This article mainly introduces how to gearing up your slewing ring bearing.

Here are the main points of the article:

Slewing ring bearing installation method and precautions

Installation steps of slewing ring bearing


1. Slewing ring bearing installation method and precautions

(1) Before the installation of slewing ring bearing, the installation surface of the host machine shall be inspected first. It is required that the slewing ring bearing shall have sufficient strength, the connection surface shall be machined, and the surface shall be flat without sundries and burrs. For those that cannot be machined to meet the required flatness, special plastics with high injection strength can be used as fillers to ensure the accuracy of the installation plane and to reduce vibration. The ferrule of slewing ring bearing has a quenched soft belt area, which is marked with s on the end face of the ferrule. When installing slewing ring bearing, the position of the soft belt should be placed in the non load area or non frequent load area (the plug hole is always located in the soft belt area).

(2) When installing sliding ring bearing, radial positioning shall be carried out first, installation bolts shall be tightened crosswise, and rotation of bearing shall be checked. In order to ensure the smooth transmission of the bearing, check the engagement of the gear before tightening the mounting bolts. Sufficient pre tightening force shall be provided when tightening the bolt, and the pre tightening force shall be 70% of the yield limit of bolt material. The bolts shall be equipped with tempered flat washers, and spring washers are strictly prohibited. After the installation of slewing ring bearing is completed, it is put into operation. After 100 hours of continuous operation, it is necessary to comprehensively check whether the tightening torque of the mounting bolt meets the requirements, and then repeat the above inspection every 500 hours of continuous operation.

(3) After installation, appropriate amount of grease shall be filled, and the rotating bearing shall be filled at the same time to make the grease evenly distributed. After working for a period of time, a part of lubricating grease will inevitably be lost. Therefore, lubricating grease should be replenished every 50-100 hours after the normal operation. The period of adding lubricating grease should be shorter for working in high temperature or dusty condition. When cutting ring sealing is to be stopped and sealed, it must also be filled with enough grease.

2. Installation steps of slewing ring bearing:

(1) Slewing ring bearing correctly places the inner ring and the outer ring. First, lay the external cause flat on the workbench, put it into the lower half of the internal trap, and try to make the external raceway correspond to the internal cause raceway. Slewing ring bearing the roller and spacer block correctly. Place the selected cylinder and the circular isolating block along the track. When the adjacent cylinder is placed, its axis is perpendicular to each other, and the two rollers are separated by an isolating block.

(2) Slewing ring bearing the proper grease gently and evenly on the raceway. Fill the gap between roller and spacer. Generally, the number of rollers and isolation blocks is equal, and the cylinder chisel and isolation block shall be close to each other. If there is a gap between the cylinder chisel and isolation block at the latter place, the thickness of one or two isolation blocks can be adjusted to make up the gap.

(3) Installing the screws or bolts of theslewing ring bearing . Tighten the two assembly bolts opposite to each other in the diameter direction for 1-2 turns, and turn the other integral ferrule at the same time to prevent the roller from being stuck in an inappropriate position. Then screw two symmetrical studs 180 apart, and so on, until all bolts are screwed to the specified torque value. When tightening the bolt, make sure that the adjusting plate is not misaligned, and use a force measuring wrench to make the bolt obtain the specified tightening torque.

(4) Adjusting the no-load rotation resistance moment of the bearing. Due to the preload, it may be difficult to rotate sliding ring bearing. In the absence of other testing instruments, a simple method can be used for testing. That is to say, a solid angle iron or steel pipe is used as a lever, which is stuck between two bolts with opposite radial direction, and one end of the rod is pulled by the spring scale, so that the imported bearing ring can rotate, so as to measure the starting friction moment when the slewing ring bearing is unloaded through the reading of the spring scale and the length of the lever. The starting friction moment is determined in advance according to the preload of sliding ring bearing. If it still can't rotate, it may be that the roller is stuck. At this time, loosen the bolt until the sleeve can rotate, and then tighten the bolt.

(5) Install the adjusting slitting ring bearing gasket. Install the adjusting gasket on the top of the assembly bolt hole. The thickness of each group of adjusting plates shall be equal. Sliding ring bearing put the upper inner ring on. At this time, be careful not to move the adjusting piece. The starting friction moment under preload can be verified by the method of lever and spring balance. The actual turning short is equal to the product of the load value indicated on the spring scale and the vertical distance from the spring scale to the turning center. If the torque is too small, disassemble the sliding ring bearing if necessary, and take out some adjustment plates with the same thickness from each group of adjustment plates. This program may be repeated several times until the appropriate preload is obtained by the sliding slewing ring bearing.

I hope the introduction of this article will help you to understand the slewing ring bearing. Our company specializes in producing all kinds of slewing ring bearing. If you need slewing ring bearing, please contact us


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