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Functional principle and application equipment of rotary drive

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Slewing drive, commonly known as slewing gear or slewing bearing, is a complete and easy to install system, including ball or roller slewing bearing, transmission system and completely enclosed housing. It can be customized with hydraulic or electric motors, brakes, planetary gearboxes, corrosion protection and many other options.

Swing drives reduce costs by replacing complex internal systems in machines that rotate heavy objects and require functionality and innovation. Each has unlimited rotation angle and range, moves smoothly without bumps and slip, and provides the most effective high-power and high torque transmission. Our rotary drive is a fully enclosed sealed housing, which can withstand harsh environments and improve safety.

As system modules that can be installed immediately, they replace countless individual parts. Rotary drive is used for aerial work platform, national defense technology, public transportation, forestry machinery industry, solar tracker, and more.

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