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Difference between slewing ring bearing and ordinary bearing

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What is the difference between slewing ring and ordinary bearing?

The slewing ring is a new type of mechanical parts, which is composed of inner and outer rings, rolling elements, etc. The slewing ring is a large-scale bearing that can bear a comprehensive load, and can bear large axial and radial loads and overturning moments at the same time. It has the characteristics of compact structure, light weight, good structural rigidity, high precision, safety and reliability. Compared with ordinary bearings, the slewing ring has the same working principle, basically the same structure, and similar components, with rolling elements and rolling rings with raceways. However, it has many differences compared with ordinary rolling. The following is the difference between slewing ring and ordinary bearing.


The mail difference are as the following : 

1. The main differences are as follows

1. Different installation methods

The slewing bearing is not sleeved on the spindle and installed in the bearing box like ordinary bearings, but is fixed on the upper and lower supports by screws.

2. Size gap

The slewing bearing can also be said to be a large bearing, which is larger, and its diameter is usually 0.4 to 10 meters, and some can even reach 40 meters. The ordinary bearings are generally smaller.

3. Slewing support structure type

There are various related forms of slewing bearings, and each type has different characteristics. In summary, it can be divided into two categories: point contact type and line contact type.

4. Different load

Slewing bearings generally have to bear several loads, not only axial force and radial force, but also larger overturning moment. Therefore, a set of slewing ring often plays the role of several sets of ordinary rolling bearings.

5. Speed gap

The operating speed of the slewing ring is very low, usually below 10 rpm. In addition, in most cases, the national rotary support does not rotate continuously, but only rotates within a certain angle. It is equivalent to the so-called "swing bearing".

6. Production process

There are big differences between slewing bearings and rolling bearings in terms of manufacturing process, materials and cooked treatment.

7. Sealing device

Usually the slewing bearing is equipped with a tooth diagram for rotating drive and a sealing device for dust prevention.


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