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Common noise classification and Control Countermeasures of slewing ring

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① Dust noise and Its Control Countermeasures

There are dust and other foreign matters in the rotary table bearing (slewing ring), which will produce aperiodic vibration. The so-called dust sound, its vibration and noise are uncertain, with or without.

Control measures for dust noise: improve the cleaning method of rotary table bearing (slewing ring), and strictly clean the bearing, shaft, seat hole and matching parts before installation; Remove foreign matters in the lubricant; Improve the sealing of bearings; Avoid using plastic cages with impure materials or embedded foreign matters.

Slewing bearing

② Scar sound and Its Control Countermeasures

If there is crack, indentation or corrosion on the rolling surface of rotary table bearing (slewing ring), periodic vibration and noise like riveting rivets will occur. The cycle may be fixed, but most of them correspond to the rotating speed. The scars will occur continuously on the channel, and the scars will appear and disappear on the steel ball, Moreover, the noise varies with installation and lubrication conditions.

Control measures for this kind of noise: do not knock the bearing during installation. Install the bearing into the bearing seat after assembling the bearing and shaft, so as to prevent the bearing from being installed obliquely.

③ Noise caused by lubrication factors and Countermeasures

Incorrect lubricant selection, insufficient lubricant or aging hardening can lead to vibration and noise of rotary table bearing (slewing ring), and this noise has no certain law. In this case, only the appropriate lubricant can be selected, the lubricant amount can be adjusted, the service life of the lubricant can be prolonged and the replacement cycle can be reasonably determined.

④ Noise related to main engine and Its Countermeasures

This noise is not simply caused by the bearing, so it is invalid to find the reason only from the bearing. Pay full attention to the main engine and improve the performance of the main engine if necessary. This paper mainly describes the common buzzer sound and frame resonance sound in motor.

Buzzer of a motor and Its Countermeasures

The axial vibration of motor shaft will cause great high-frequency noise - buzzer, whose frequency is the same as the axial vibration frequency, which can be constant or variable. The method to prevent the buzzer is the same as that to prevent the axial vibration.

Resonance sound of B bearing frame and Its Countermeasures

When the axial bending natural vibration of the bearing frame is caused by the axial natural vibration of the outer ring mass, a noise called resonant sound is generated. The method of pre tightening can improve the axial natural frequency of the outer ring mass system, destroy the resonance condition and reduce the noise.

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