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Causes of abnormal noise of rotating bearing

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Rotating support usually works under large load condition. In addition, this type of spare parts are mostly used in large-scale engineering machinery. The working environment is complex and bad. Once small abnormal occurs, it is likely to cause big failure. Therefore, we should make a detailed analysis of some small problems, such as abnormal noise in the work:

1. When the mounting surface is uneven and the mounting bolts are loose, it is necessary to check whether the installation operation is the problem. When the unevenness of the mounting surface fails to meet the requirements, the rolling path will form a negative clearance, which will produce abnormal noise; In addition, when the pinion is not meshed properly, it may also produce abnormal noise, which will cause the failure of broken teeth; In addition, when the mounting bolts are loose, the slewing bearing is elastic deformation and negative clearance occurs in the deformation position, it is necessary to check and tighten the bolts as required immediately.

2. When there are foreign objects in the slewing bearing, when there are sand particles, iron chips and other foreign materials inside the slewing bearing, there will be non periodic vibration, and there will also be flexible rotating faults. In case of such situation, the bearing, shaft, seat hole and matching parts shall be cleaned strictly before installation, and foreign matters in the lubricant shall be removed in time; Remember to avoid using plastic cages with impure materials or foreign material in order to remove the corresponding noise.

3. The abnormal noise excavator slewing bearing caused by grease problem is lubricated with grease. It is likely that the abnormal noise is caused by lubrication problem. The common reasons are lack of grease in the roller, uneven filling of grease, poor aging of grease quality, and wrong selection of lubricant. To solve this problem, only the proper lubricant, timely filling and timely replacement can be solved.

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