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Advantages of thin rotary table bearing

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Each type of bearing can play a key role in specific situations. For some applications, thin turntable bearings are an ideal part of your system. As with each style, the thin turntable bearing has some unique advantages and can solve key design problems. Let's explain some of the reasons why the steering circle bearing makes sense.

Advantages of thin rotary table bearing

1.Installation capacity of rotary table

One of the most significant visual aspects of the rotary table bearing is the holes through the inner and outer rings. Of course, these holes are not only used for aesthetic purposes, but also allow easy installation to the seat surface rather than directly on the shaft or housing. This design makes the turntable bearing have a lazy effect similar to Susan, which can open up new possibilities for your system.

2.Space constraints

Rotary table bearing is sometimes called slewing ring, but the equivalent value of thin section of these parts is much smaller than that of slewing ring. Thin rotary table bearing has smaller size and lighter weight, but its performance is not poor. This is a major advantage for any application that needs to save space or reduce weight, such as:X-ray equipment、

Antenna base、Bottling equipment、Food processing equipment、Instrument support、Medical equipment、Oil well equipment、Load acceptance、

Although the thin rotary table bearing is small, it still has sufficient bearing capacity in some cases. A good example is the thin rotary table X-type 4-point contact bearing used at the bottom of the manipulator. If the arm needs to pick up the object, a torque load will be generated for the bearing at the bottom of the shaft. The Gothic arch of the thin section bearing of the rotary table enables it to withstand the ultimate moment load.

In addition to torque loads, the X-type rotary table bearing is also excellent in dealing with reverse loads and axial / thrust loads. The rotary table bearing does bear radial load and combined load. Therefore, if these problems exist in the system, it may be necessary to find other solutions.

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