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  • Double row ball slewing bearing

    The double row ball slewing bearing has two row steel balls for structure, it has bigger load capacity comparing to single row type slewing bearing and better safety factor, and it could bear axial load, radial load and tilting moment at the same time. Double row ball slewing ring has three seat rin

  • How to remove rust quickly for slewing ring

    If the slewing support is washed by rain during use, or if it is not used properly in daily life, the slewing support will rust. The rusted slewing support will not only affect the beauty of accessories, but also have a certain impact on the normal use of slewing support. Therefore, derusting of sle

  • Maintenance of slewing bearing of hydraulic excavator

    Hydraulic excavators generally use single row four point contact ball internal tooth slewing bearings. When the excavator works, the slewing bearing bears complex loads such as axial force, radial force and overturning moment, and its reasonable maintenance is very important. Cleaning and maintenanc

  • Types of slewing bearings

    Liebherr is one of the world's leading producers of large diameter bearings. Our portfolio comprises many different types, manufactured in a wide range of dimensions and designs.All of our slewing bearings can be manufactured with internal gears, external gears or without gearing. Special gearing, s

  • Why is pinion weaker than gear?

    Why pinion is weaker than Gears of same material? When the different materials are used, the product of decides the weaker between the pinion and gear. The Lewis form factor is always less for a pinion compared with gear. When the same material is used for the pinion and gear, the pinion is always w

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