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  • Intermat Paris 2024 Audience Tickets
    以下是“观众门票”的链接. 我公司邀请码为:DCVE5ACB法语:https://badge.intermatconstruction.com/accueil.htm英语:https://badge.intermatconstruction.com/en/home.htm
  • Type of Gears and uses
    Gear is a kind of machine element which has teeth cut around a cylindrical or cone-shaped surface with equal spacing. They are used to transmit rotations and forces from the driving shaft to the driven shaft when a pair of these elements have meshed. There are different types of gear. They have a di
  • excavator slewing bearing KH 180-3
    Product nameSlewing bearing/swing bearing for KH180-3 Crawler crane .CategoryConstruction Machinery PartsKeywordslewing bearing , swing bearing , crawler crane swing bearing , kh180-3 swing bearingBrand nameXuzhou Helin
  • Large gear tooth-by-tooth hardening slewing rings
    Large gear tooth-by-tooth hardeningInduction hardening of small-, medium, and large-size gears is done using a tooth-by-tooth technique or encircling method. Depending on the gear size, required hardness pattern and geometry, gears are induction hardened by encircling the whole gear with a coil (so-
  • The isolation roller inside the slewing ring raceway is also called the isolation block
    The isolation roller inside the slewing ring raceway is also called the isolation block, which is made of two materials: engineering plastics and metal.The role of the spacer in the slewing ring has exceeded the role of keeping, isolating and guiding the normal rotation of the rolling element, and i
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