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XSU Series Cross Roller Bearings

Slewing ring bearings can be widely used in lifting & transport machinery, mining machinery, construction machinery, port hoisting machinery, port oil transfer equipment, onshore and offshore crane, excavator, concrete machine, paper machine, plastic and rubber machine, weave machine, steel plant, electronic power plant, wind power generator, other construction and industry machines or equipments and other large rotary device.


Xuzhou Helin Slewing Bearing Co., Ltd slewing ring bearing capacity few types: single-row four point contact ball slewing bearing, single-row cross roller slewing bearing, double row different ball diameter slewing bearing, three-row cylindrical roller slewing bearing and roller&ball combination slewing bearing. All of these slewing ring bearings can be divided into bearings without gears, bearings with internal gears and bearings with external gears.

Products widely used for engineering machinery,recreation  facilities, welding equipment, port machinery, environmental protection equipment,marine equipment,solar tracking system  and so on.Mainly export to  Europe,West Africa,South America,Oceania,Southeast Asia etc.

Processing of size range: 100 - 5000mm 

Material: 42CrMo4 , 50Mn.


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We are Xuzhou Helin Slewing Bearing Co.,Ltd Slewing bearing factory in Xuzhou city . Our slewing bearing size from 100 mm - 5000 mm with standard and non- standard models . Good product quality, short delivery time, suitable price, high cost performance . welcome to contact us . 
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