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111.25.675 Roller slewing bearing Customized products 42CrMo material

The slewing device is composed of a turntable, a slewing bearing and a slewing mechanism. The outer seat ring of the slewing bearing is connected with the turntable with bolts, the inner seat ring with teeth is connected with the underframe with bolts, and a rolling element is arranged between the inner and outer seat rings. The vertical load, horizontal load and overturning moment of the excavator working device acting on the turntable are transmitted to the underframe through the outer race, rolling element and inner race of the slewing ring.

slewing bearing .

Applicable Industries
Brand NameHELIN
Model Number111.25.675
Featureball bearing
Gear OptionsInternal gear
Place of OriginJiangsu, China
Bearing typeRoller slewing bearing
ApplicationShipping Port Machinery
PackingWooden Box

Slewing bearing also known as slewing ring bearing,turntable bearing.It contain outer ring, inner ring,rolling body,seals.The material of our products are generally high alloy-structural steels ,such as 42CrMo 50Mn.The slewing bearing can work normally at a temperature of -30℃ to +70℃,and we can design special type as customer need.

Fast forwarding to today’s modern crane, most use a large diameter bearing commonly referred to as a slewing ring as a means of rotating the main structure. Slewing rings comprise an inner and outer race, one of which generally has an integral gear. Typical slewing rings range in size from approximately 300mm to 5m in diameter. A slewing ring rotates by means of balls or rollers contained within the races. There are several advantages to the slewing ring configuration over the king post style for use on cranes: Slewing rings need less axial space than a king post arrangement does.

Open space in the centre of a slewing ring provides a means of accommodating crane components and simplifies the machine design.

An integral gear is often machined into one of the slewing ring races rather than a separate bullgear as needed with the king post arrangement.

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