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The reason and solution of slewing bearing turntable bearing not rotating

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1. New products are not flexible in idling. Please check the production date of slewing bearing. If the time is long (such as more than half a year) and the climate is cold, impurities such as salt mist may be mixed in the raceway, resulting in ineffective operation (especially in cold areas and winter). Troubleshooting: after adding force, it can be used normally if it can operate without other abnormalities.

2. It is not flexible in use. The sealing strip is damaged, causing foreign matters to enter the raceway (such as poor working conditions, dust immersion in the raceway, etc.); Check the meshing condition of large and small gears for foreign matters or broken teeth.

3. The inflexible operation after installation may be due to the poor matching between the main engine mounting surface and the slewing bearing mounting surface, resulting in the axial clearance of the slewing bearing unable to compensate the deformation of the slewing bearing after installation, the slewing bearing is in the state of negative clearance, and the rolling element is difficult to operate in the raceway (sometimes accompanied with abnormal noise); Or the meshing of big and small gears is poor; Or there is foreign matter stuck in the big and small gears. Troubleshooting: reprocess the installation plane of the main engine to make the installation plane meet the requirements; Adjust the meshing backlash of large and small gears according to the requirements, especially the position of gear runout; Check to ensure that there is no foreign matter in the meshing position of big and small gears; Slewing bearing with larger clearance of exchange table


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